The Artwork of Alphonse Mucha

Wandering through Soho

I remember being in London last January with two of my friends celebrating my birthday, my feet were so swollen from all the gallery hopping we’d been doing, and then suddenly the brilliant idea of walking through Soho popped into my brain! We walked into this little bookshop that I’d visited the year before with my sister, and after flipping through the aisles my attention was drawn to this beautiful cover of Mucha’s print collection; I had never come across his work before but had always heard the phrase “Mucha style”.

Savonnerie De Bagnolet

Savonnerie De Bagnolet by Alphonse Mucha

After flipping through each page, I just had to buy the collection! Pages and pages filled with beautifully detailed women in robes and pastel colours; golds, yellows and greens. Continue reading

Music-making on a New Level: The Instrument 1

Let’s talk a little about The Instrument 1

Now, I’m not sure how many of you have come across this… but a friend of mine was telling me to check out Instrument 1 by Artiphon and I just had to share this little beauty. After watching the product presentation on YouTube, my jaw dropped and my instant reaction was “I must have this!” Continue reading

Tom Melsen’s Timely Paintings Address the Drama of Contemporary Life

These paintings are stunning and captivating- Read along for Paul Weiner’s insightful interview about artist Tom Melsen.

Critique Collective

Tom Melsen’s paintings fuse the dramatic and aggressive into a melancholy that can be seen as a result of his peripatetic travels, a reflection of the places he has experienced. His paintings emerge out of a liminal space between the intelligibility of representation and abstraction’s poetic theatrics. Indeed, Melsen’s paint handling exists in a space that makes odd bedfellows of Peter Doig and Cecily Brown as his compositions blend unsettling passages of quietude and conservative color choices with consistently bold punches of intuitive paint application and occasional layers of glowing chroma. With an unflinching gaze, Melsen captures the jouissance of painterly turmoil through which a balancing act between discomfort and pleasure reveals the psychological essence of captured identities and landscapes. He is at his best when representing fictional, anonymous people such as a man in a brown suit, someone blowing out birthday candles, or a partygoer. These paintings feel free and inventive while maintaining the hawkishly staring study…

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Living the dream


First and foremost, we at Amplified, wanted to thank you all ever so greatly for the feedback you’ve given us with the last two surveys we’ve done.

Our recent survey crafted specifically for artists has been filled out by about 53 artists as of today! For us, this is a great achievement as it brings us one step closer to figuring out how we can work effectively to your standards.

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