Music-making on a New Level: The Instrument 1

Let’s talk a little about The Instrument 1

Now, I’m not sure how many of you have come across this… but a friend of mine was telling me to check out Instrument 1 by Artiphon and I just had to share this little beauty. After watching the product presentation on YouTube, my jaw dropped and my instant reaction was “I must have this!” – I’m no professional, and I know nothing about the specs that an instrument like this would be missing (keep in mind that there are going to be numerous versions of this baby over time) but I just love how people are working together to create something so wonderful!

The Artiphone Instrument 1 allows you to strum it like a guitar, use it as a drum machine, play it like a lovely little ukulele and tap it like a keyboard; to me that’s something brilliant and makes me absolutely happy to see how organisations like this are trying to provide an easier means for making music, even if you’re not a musician!

You can back this project on Kickstarter or get more information on their website 

Hope you all enjoy this as much as I did!

Is it just me or is this brilliant?!

Want to see more stuff like this? Give us a shout 🙂

— Y.R.A.

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