The Artwork of Alphonse Mucha

Wandering through Soho

I remember being in London last January with two of my friends celebrating my birthday, my feet were so swollen from all the gallery hopping we’d been doing, and then suddenly the brilliant idea of walking through Soho popped into my brain! We walked into this little bookshop that I’d visited the year before with my sister, and after flipping through the aisles my attention was drawn to this beautiful cover of Mucha’s print collection; I had never come across his work before but had always heard the phrase “Mucha style”.

Savonnerie De Bagnolet

Savonnerie De Bagnolet by Alphonse Mucha

After flipping through each page, I just had to buy the collection! Pages and pages filled with beautifully detailed women in robes and pastel colours; golds, yellows and greens. I was super pleased to bring some of these babies home because they were definitely going to be decorating my bedroom walls and our little flat in Edinburgh.


Dance by Alphonse Mucha

Alphonse Maria Mucha was an artist from the Czech Republic who after a working in theatrical design in Vienna, returned to his home Moravia and became a freelance decorative and portrait painter in 1881. Later on in his career he went on to designing posters and commercial art, which began to bring him a lot of success and recognition. You can read more about the life of Mucha and view his collections on

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Have a lovely Saturday!

– Y.R.A.

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